Pressurized Depositing Manifolds

MK2 Plain

Our “MK2” manifold for “plain depositing” essentially has one product chamber, where an equalization of system pressure is established. A series of flow control valves, one for each individual depositing nozzle, fine tunes the pressure balance across the manifold. Cleaning attachments mean that manifolds can be part of a CIP regime which might exist for cleaning primary equipment for feeding the manifold, a continuous aeration system of a pumping unit when un-aerated masses are being deposited.

Combination for dual and center fill depositing

Two product chambers and two rows of flow control valves are constructed within combination manifolds employed for depositing two masses simultaneously, which can be “one inside the other” (center fill), “side by side” or “one on top of the other.”

As with MK2 manifolds, one rotary valve stems the flow of material as the manifold moves from one deposit row to the next.

Combination manifolds have servo-driven rotary valves while MK 2 manifolds have pneumatically controlled rotary valves.

Wire Cut Manifolds

Wire cut manifolds can be created from our “plain” manifold for a single colored marshmallow deposit or from our combination versions for a two colored deposit.

Rotary valves are generally servo driven while the reciprocation wire cut attachment is pneumatically operated.

Volumetric Depositing Manifolds

Non-metallic pistons with integrated seals, servo driven, are combined with stainless steel cylinders with a honed inside surface to provide the highest level of depositing accuracy and can be fitted to our ORBIS overhead, ORBIS under band, OCD & CDS manifold drive system as well as being tailored to for retro-fitting onto OEM partner machines.

Sheeting & Extruding Manifolds

Manifolds are manufactured from ALUMINIUM or STAINLESS STEEL when acid masses are being processed and are tailored according to the application for sheeting “full width”, “multi-lanes” across a traveling steel oven band, wafer line or extruding “multiple ropes” across a continuously moving process conveyor.

Internal water galleries (jacketing) allows for temperature sensitive materials to be easily handled.

Sheeting manifolds play and important role in the manufacture of Swiss Rolls, Mini Rolls, Layer Cake & Bar Cakes. Our sheeting and extruding manifolds provide a stable and consistent sheet, layer or rope, essential to reducing waste.

Our multilane construction achieves repeatable and consistent lane depositing so that all lanes are fulfilling the same weight and size criteria. Our sheeting and extruding manifolds are manufactured from Aluminum or Stainless Steel and designed with a unique internal balancing method requiring only one or two, depending on width, product inlet connections and available from “very small’’ up to 1500mm wide for applications requiring a single sheet, multiple smaller sheets and multiple ropes.

With bespoke support structures manifolds can be mounted over a traveling steel oven band for sponge batter applications, a secondary processing conveyor for applying jams and creams for the finishing of Swiss Roll, Mini Rolls, Layer or Bar Cakes or a wafer line applying aerated & un-aerated creams as well as jam fillings. In the case of aerated wafer creams or even aerated chocolate, the integrity of the cell structure is maintained throughout. Manifolds are universally employed for direct connection to an aeration system or pumping unit.

Extrusion manifolds can be equipped with a single outlet, co-extrusion nozzle or a variety of adaptions for most extrude-able masses. Internal water galleries ensure proper control over temperature sensitive materials. Cleaning attachments allow for flush through cleaning whilst maintenance trollies allow for easy disassembly from the processing.

OCD, CDS & OHD Drive Systems

Combining Wymbs’ volumetric “hopperless” manifolds with our OCD and CDS manifold drive systems the end user is provided with a powerful range of options for depositing light and “bubbly” chocolate masses for production of aerated chocolate bars and tablets as well as facilitating the means to fill moulded hollow wafers with delicately aerated wafer creams and pralines.

CDS Manifold Drive System

Our CDS, a smaller version of the OCD is ideally suited as an R&D depositing system as well as being capable of satisfying smaller commercial outputs.

Both systems can be tailored made to the exact specifications of a particular molding plant, hollow wafer line or general multi-purpose demands of an R&D facility.

OHD Manifold Drive System

Designed for mounting above an existing processing line, traveling steel oven band or tray conveyor.

Can be added to machines already in use or integrally built with its own depositing conveyor and can be equipped with various types of pressurized plain, combination and marshmallow wire cut manifolds.

ORBIS overhead & under band drive systems

Essentially constructed to accommodate our range of volumetric depositing manifolds but can be equipped with various types of pressurized plain, combination and marshmallow wire cut manifolds as well.

Processing Lines

Designed to receive product from a feed conveyor, or loaded manually, our processing lines combine multi-axis depositing & injection stations along with decorating & sprinkling units performing multiple operations on the same product as it travels along a continuous transport conveyor.

Injection of aerated fresh cream into éclairs or choux buns followed by a topping of fondant icing either in the form of a “stripe” or “zig-zag decoration”.

Or, cutting finger doughnuts, depositing jam into the root of the cut followed by a “swirl” deposit of fresh aerated cream (“XYZ” motion) followed by a second deposit of jam and then finishing with a sprinkling of icing sugar.

All processing lines have an operator-friendly color touchscreen HMI mounted above the processing line away from wet floors, inevitable in high-risk areas.

Decorating of scones with deposits of aerated fresh cream and jam, sheeting of aerated fresh cream or custard onto puff pastry biscuits for the production of “cream or custard slice” which would also have a sheet of icing, are other manufacturing possibilities with Wymbs processing lines.

Unibatch (Universal Batch Cooker)

Batchwise working universal cooker as single aggregate or component in complete line.

For: fillings, caramel, toffee, chewy candies, binding masses, etc.

Brief description:

Contigrav / Thermograv (Raw Material Weighing System)

Central raw material weighing system (liquid, powders, granular)

For: all kind of recipes in the confectionery industry: hard candy, jelly, marshmallow, chewy candy, fondant, foam

Brief description:

Output: up to 5,000 kg/h

CrossFlow (Continuous Cooker)

Continuous production of candy products

For: crystal-free dissolving, precooking, cooking of sugar-water-glucose slurry

Brief description:

Output: up to 5,000 kg/h, depending on size and cooking conditions

Sucroliner (Continuous Candy Lines)

Continuous manufacturing of hard candy masses

For: production of hard boiled candy, sugar canes and lolli-pops

Brief description:

Output: 500 kg/h to > 4,000 kg/h

Rotamat (Rotor Cooking System)

Continuous rotor cooking system

For: hard and deposited candy, jelly, marshmallow, fondant, bars/foam

Brief description:

Output: 40 up to more than 2,000 kg/h

Strada (Candy Forming Lines)

continuous production line for formed sweets (unfilled, highly filled – liquid or powders) laminated

For: e.g. hard candy, chewy candy, toffee, eclairs

New in 2008:

New developed forming chain for highly-filled, bur-free candies, especially of interest for specialities packed in blister.

Brief description:

Output: 15 up to 200 m/h rope speed

Milletwist (Candy Double Twist Wrapping Machine)

Candy twist wrapping machine with double twist wrapping style

For: hard candies of all kind, also deposited candies, unfilled to high filled

Brief description:

JellyStar (Jelly Cooking Machine)

Jelly cooking machine

For: Continuous production of jelly and marshmallow masses

Brief description:

Output: 200 – 5,000 kg/h

JellyBlend 2036 (Jelly Dosing System)

dosing system

For: dosing units designed for 1-8 colours; for the enrichment of the jelly masses with colours, flavours, acids vitamin solutions etc.

Brief description:

Output: up to 5,000 kg/h

HFD III (Fondant Beater)

Continuous fondant beater

For: basic fondant mass, fondant creme, bakery fondant, milk fondant, fruit fondant, sugar-free fondant

Brief description:

Output: 80 to 2,000 kg/h

Turbomat (Aeration of Masses)

For: Continuous mixing, dispersing and aeration of bar foam, chewy candy and toffee masses or jelly masses and marshmallow

Brief description:

Output: 100 – 2,500 l / h

Caramaster (Carameliser)

Brief Description:

Siedomat / Turbomix (Vacuum Cooking and Aerating System)

Batchwise vacuum cooking and aeration system

For: aerated masses like: foam for candy bar products, chewy candy, halva, torrone, nougat Montelimar, specialities

Brief description:

Output: 100 up to 900 kg/h

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