Moulding plant Type 372

The WDS-Moulding plant type 372 is designed for the production of solid chocolate products with or without ingredients and filled products by means of One-Shot- as well as Triple-Shot technology.


Gum & Jelly


Mogul plants type 462

Plant for the manufacture of all starch-moulded products such as jelly and gum (on pectin basis, gum arabic, gelatine, agar-agar, carrageenan) as well as liquorice, fondant, cream, marshmallow foam and similar items. Furthermore, the equipment is suitable for depositing liqueur.


Hard Candy


Candy Wizard Type 263

The WDS Candy Wizard Type 263 is a compact, modularly designed plant for the manufacturing of hard candies.


Fondant & Toffee


Fondant and Toffee Starchless Plants

The compact, modularly constructed depositing plant, type 165, is designed for the production of fondant, toffee, pectin and carrageen products.


Viscous Masses


Piston Extruder

The extruder type 352 with secure functions and an appealing design has been developed especially for the depositing of all high-viscous masses. The new extruder generation is alternatively available with a piston metering system or with a pump system designed to produce ropes.

It is basically possible as well to combine several extruders with other WDS machines, such as depositors for chocolate bottoms or a nut-depositor. The machines can then optionally be synchronized through a camera-driven system.


Unibatch (Universal Batch Cooker)

Batchwise working universal cooker as single aggregate or component in complete line.

For: fillings, caramel, toffee, chewy candies, binding masses, etc.

Brief description:

Contigrav / Thermograv (Raw Material Weighing System)

Central raw material weighing system (liquid, powders, granular)

For: all kind of recipes in the confectionery industry: hard candy, jelly, marshmallow, chewy candy, fondant, foam

Brief description:

Output: up to 5,000 kg/h

CrossFlow (Continuous Cooker)

Continuous production of candy products

For: crystal-free dissolving, precooking, cooking of sugar-water-glucose slurry

Brief description:

Output: up to 5,000 kg/h, depending on size and cooking conditions

Sucroliner (Continuous Candy Lines)

Continuous manufacturing of hard candy masses

For: production of hard boiled candy, sugar canes and lolli-pops

Brief description:

Output: 500 kg/h to > 4,000 kg/h

Rotamat (Rotor Cooking System)

Continuous rotor cooking system

For: hard and deposited candy, jelly, marshmallow, fondant, bars/foam

Brief description:

Output: 40 up to more than 2,000 kg/h

Strada (Candy Forming Lines)

continuous production line for formed sweets (unfilled, highly filled – liquid or powders) laminated

For: e.g. hard candy, chewy candy, toffee, eclairs

New in 2008:

New developed forming chain for highly-filled, bur-free candies, especially of interest for specialities packed in blister.

Brief description:

Output: 15 up to 200 m/h rope speed

Milletwist (Candy Double Twist Wrapping Machine)

Candy twist wrapping machine with double twist wrapping style

For: hard candies of all kind, also deposited candies, unfilled to high filled

Brief description:

JellyStar (Jelly Cooking Machine)

Jelly cooking machine

For: Continuous production of jelly and marshmallow masses

Brief description:

Output: 200 – 5,000 kg/h

JellyBlend 2036 (Jelly Dosing System)

dosing system

For: dosing units designed for 1-8 colours; for the enrichment of the jelly masses with colours, flavours, acids vitamin solutions etc.

Brief description:

Output: up to 5,000 kg/h

HFD III (Fondant Beater)

Continuous fondant beater

For: basic fondant mass, fondant creme, bakery fondant, milk fondant, fruit fondant, sugar-free fondant

Brief description:

Output: 80 to 2,000 kg/h

Turbomat (Aeration of Masses)

For: Continuous mixing, dispersing and aeration of bar foam, chewy candy and toffee masses or jelly masses and marshmallow

Brief description:

Output: 100 – 2,500 l / h

Caramaster (Carameliser)

Brief Description:

Siedomat / Turbomix (Vacuum Cooking and Aerating System)

Batchwise vacuum cooking and aeration system

For: aerated masses like: foam for candy bar products, chewy candy, halva, torrone, nougat Montelimar, specialities

Brief description:

Output: 100 up to 900 kg/h

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